ReedPop and Penguin Random House Release Exclusive George R.R. Martin Boxes

By Mlgagne

A few weeks ahead of the season 7 premiere Game of Thrones, ReedPop and Penguin Random House announced today that they have teamed up to release two new exclusive George R.R. Martin boxes, each including collectible items from the series.

The Special Edition Box, which retails for $75, includes a collectible edition of the novel A Game of Thrones, a lithographic map of Westeros, a replica of a Faceless Man’s Iron Coin, an online course in Dothraki, a Game of Thrones t-shirt, and a replica of Robert Baratheon’s will from the TV series. Plus, one in ten of these boxes will also include a surprise lithograph signed by George R.R. Martin!

The Limited Edition Box, which retails for $250, includes the same items as the Special Edition box, as well as Game of Thrones: The Card Game, Jon Snow and Daenerys mini figures, a journal, a silk map of King’s Landing, house sigil shield string lights, and a set of Dead Man coins. In addition to all of this, the lithographic map of Westeros included in each Limited Edition box will be signed by George R.R. Martin.

The boxes are now available at ReedPop Supply Co., but act quickly if you are considering making a purchase – there are only 3,000 Special Edition Boxes and 1,000 Limited Edition Boxes available!

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